Monitor your competitors

This service tracks the websites you select on a daily basis and notifies you of any changes, whether it's a new headline or a new product that's been released. Or, use a queryselector to track specific numbers on any page anywhere in the web.

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Learn faster

Stay ahead of your competitors

Understand your market better by analyzing all or only certain parts of different websites.

Website change detection

We operate the website changes detection for you and notify you of all changes.
E-Mail / Slack Notifications

You can be notified via email or Slack about news on the websites you follow. [Learn more]
API Webhooks

Let the scraped data be sent to your API for further processing in your systems. [Learn more]

Use queryselector to scrape only the headlines or some numbers that are published on certain websites. [Learn more]
Http Headers

You can simply set the HTTP headers for each website, such as Cookie, Accept, or API Keys.
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