Textual Change Detection

Staying informed about the changes on your competitors' websites can give you a significant advantage. Whether it's a new product launch, a headline change, or an update in pricing, knowing about these changes as they happen can help you make strategic decisions swiftly.


ScrapX scans selected websites daily for any textual modifications. When a change is detected, ScrapX immediately notifies you through an email or a webhook.

Daily Monitoring

We keep an eye on the websites you're interested in every day, ensuring you receive timely updates on changes.
Custom Alerts

Receive alerts via email or webhook, tailored to your preference, so you always know when there's something new to see. [Learn more]
Queryselector Support

Focus on what matters to you by using queryselector to monitor specific sections or types of content on a website. [Learn more]

Utilize the querySelector method to extract specific content such as headlines or numerical data from designated websites. [Learn more]
Http Headers

We enable the customization of HTTP headers, including Cookie, Accept, or API Keys, allowing you to, for instance, request specific content types such as JSON.
Multiple Viewing Formats

Review detected changes in a format that suits you best, be it HTML, Markdown, or plain text.
Http Headers Product screenshot CSS Query Selector Query Selector

Use Cases

Knowing is better than...

Textual Change Detection can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs and professionals. It's about gaining a deeper understanding of the digital competitive landscape, enabling you to adapt, strategize, and succeed.

Competitor Analysis.
In the competitive landscape of the internet, understanding your competitor's moves is crucial. Textual change detection helps you monitor your rivals' website content, giving you insights into their strategy, new offerings, and messaging changes.
Content Strategy.
Stay updated with the latest trends and industry news by monitoring key websites. Textual change detection ensures you're always in the know, helping you position your offerings more effectively.
Promotional Awareness.
Instantly spot competitors' new deals or discounts. Textual change detection empowers you to swiftly adapt your own pricing or promotions, keeping your offerings competitive.
Regulatory Compliance.
Stay ahead of industry regulations by monitoring changes in legal and compliance-related content. This ensures your business practices remain up-to-date and legally sound.