Visual Change Detection

The Visual Change Detection feature provides a universal solution to the challenges of web monitoring, especially at a time when visual content dominates.


This method is especially effective for websites that dynamically render text via JavaScript, which traditional text-based change detection tools might miss.

Daily Visual Snapshots

Every day, ScrapX captures a screenshot of your selected websites, ensuring you have a visual record of every change, no matter how minor.
Change Highlights

When a difference is detected, ScrapX alerts you with a notification pinpointing the exact area of alteration, saving you from the hassle of searching for changes manually.
Bypass Captchas

ScrapX's advanced feature set includes the ability to bypass captchas, allowing it to scrape websites protected by stringent measures, including those guarded by Cloudflare. This expands your monitoring capabilities to platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and other heavily fortified websites.
Cookie Banner Handling

ScrapX automatically closes cookie consent banners to avoid having annoying banners in screenshots. If this does not work, a CSS selector that leads to a closing button can also be defined.
Slider Comparison Tool

With an intuitive slider feature in ScrapX, you can take a closer look at the changes and seamlessly blend between the latest capture and its previous one for a clear, instant visual comparison.
Customizable Notifications

Set up alerts your way—receive change notifications through email or webhook, focusing solely on the updates that interest you. [Learn more]
Visual PingImage Diff

Use Cases

Use a visual ping

The visual ping empowers you to effortlessly track competitors, monitor design evolutions, and catch the latest event promotions, ensuring your strategies are informed and responsive.

Competitive and Market Intelligence.
Stay up to date on competitors and market changes with visual insights. Recognize new campaigns, layout changes or product launches at a glance.
Quality Assurance.
Use visual change detection to confirm that website updates or deployments do not unintentionally alter critical information or layout, ensuring your site remains compliant and user-friendly.
Scraping Dynamic Content.
For websites that dynamically generate content using JavaScript, ScrapX's visual comparison overcomes the limitations of traditional text-based change detection and provides a more robust solution.
Design and Trend Monitoring.
Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest web design trends by observing changes across leading websites. Incorporate these insights to keep your website at the forefront of digital aesthetics.
Event and Promotion Awareness.
It is also ideal for identifying new promotions or events, such as the release of soccer tickets, through visual updates so that sports fans and event-goers can take action or react strategically in good time.
Deployment Monitoring.
A visual ping is an important tool for verifying implementations. It protects the integrity and operational efficiency of your website after updates or changes and preserves your digital footprint.